How To Conduct Yourself During Trial: Work With An Omaha Personal Injury Lawyer

The first thing you need to remember is be honest. When you are put in the stand, give short and honest answers, try not to embellish or give out too many details since the opposing counsel could use them against you. Never give an outright lie, even the smallest deception could compromise your credibility and undermine your case. If a question is phrased strangely, ask for clarification. If you don’t know or if you aren’t sure about the answer to the question then just admit. Getting caught in a lie or an answer taken out of context can be all it takes for the other side to win.

Pick out an appropriate outfit. This sounds simple and obvious but a lot of people neglect to put proper thought into it. Your attire should not be too revealing or too casual. Don’t give the impression that you don’t respect or care about your trial by showing up in gym clothes.

Don’t mumble or whisper. Speak loudly and clearly because this will give an impression of conviction to your statements. If you sound like you doubt your own words then this will be a point against you. The judge and the opposing counsel may start to question the facts of your case if you cannot relate them without stammering.

Try not to anticipate questions. You may be tempted to explain yourself or your actions. Try to fight this instinct since you risk sounding defensive. Rambling on is not always a good idea and you might say something that could be turned against you.

Remember to keep your patience. Cases don’t always go smoothly, there might be an issue about confidential information or someone might file a motion that would slow down the processing of your case.

Don’t be embarrassed to practice what you are going to say. In fact it’s even encouraged, practicing your testimony will make you more comfortable and coherent once you’re on the stand. Try to keep your stress levels low, if some facts about your case are making you nervous then discuss it with your Omaha personal injury lawyer. He would know what to do and will be able to competently assist you through every stage of your case.
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